Featured Plans

RawPlan RawData RawCost RawContract
Optus Logo Optus Prepaid
4 GB
90 day expiry
incl. USB Modem
$15 300 MB 15 days
$20 500 MB 15 days
$30 750 MB 30 days
$40 3 GB 30 days
$50 6 GB 30 days
$70 6 GB 90 days
$80 8 GB 90 days
$80 4 GB 186 days
$100 10 GB 186 days
$130 15 GB 186 days
Optus - Optus Prepaid 4000 7900 7900
Vodafone Logo Vodafone Pre-Paid
3 GB
30 day expiry
incl. USB Modem
$19 500 MB 30 days
$29 2 GB 30 days
$49 4 GB 30 days
$100 6 GB 180 days
$150 12 GB 365 days
Vodafone - Vodafone Pre-Paid 3000 4999 4999
Special Offer!
Get 1 month free access when you sign up online for a 12 month plan!
Optus Logo $4.95 Wireless Broadband
0 MB
Per Month
12 Months Min Total Cost: $128.40
Optus - $4.95 Wireless Broadband 0 495 12840
Special Offer!
Save $75 on 12 month plan!
Virgin Logo $29 Cap
4 GB
Per Month
No Contract Min Total Cost: $29
Virgin - $29 Cap 4000 2900 2900
Special Offer!
50% off selected plans on the 3 website for a limited time!
3 Logo $29 Cap
3 GB
Per Month
No Contract Min Total Cost: $29
3 - $29 Cap 3000 2900 2900
Virgin Logo $14 Cap
1 GB
Per Month
No Contract Min Total Cost: $14
Virgin - $14 Cap 1000 1400 1400
Virgin Logo Virgin Pre-paid
4 GB
30 day expiry
incl. USB Modem
$15 300 MB 30 days
$19 1 GB 30 days
$29 2 GB 30 days
$50 4 GB 60 days
$100 8 GB 180 days
$149 12 GB 365 days
Virgin - Virgin Pre-paid 4000 4900 4900
Vodafone Logo $15 Cap
1.5 GB
Per Month
No Contract Min Total Cost: $15
Vodafone - $15 Cap 1500 1500 1500

About WirelessBroadband.com.au

If you’re looking for¬†Wireless Broadband, then welcome to the right place! This is the leading Australian website for information purely about Wireless Broadband.

Whether you want prepaid wireless broadband or a monthly mobile broadband plan, you can compare wireless broadband plans and wireless broadband providers to make sure you get the best deal.

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Glossary of Terms

There are lots of jargon terms and acronyms that can make the wireless broadband market confusing. Here are some explanations to help point you in the right direction!

Wireless Broadband – allows you to get access to the internet without any cables, wires or telephone connections. Broadband indicates that the internet access will be fast. Actual speeds will vary depending on signal strength, coverage, network congestion and other factors – so we tend not to quote expected speeds much on this site. Possible speeds based on the network and equipment you use is explained on each provider’s website.

Wireless Broadband has become more popular in recent years as 3G coverage has increased across Australia and the price has decreased significantly. All of the large wireless broadband providers like Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin now have 3G (i.e broadband) speeds in many regional locations as well as the major capital cities. 3 wireless broadband is available in the largest Australian cities.

Mobile Broadband – is simply another interchangeable term for wireless broadband. Mobile Broadband is the preferred description by many of the mobile phone companies to describe the type of internet access they offer. The term itself indicates one of the main benefits of Mobile broadband which is that you can be mobile with the internet. You can access the internet at the park, at the beach or wherever you need to be that is within mobile coverage areas. Just like a mobile phone means you don’t have to be sitting at home with the phone plugged in, likewise mobile broadband let’s you access the internet when you’re out and about.

Prepaid Wireless Broadband is another convenient and cost effective options for getting mobile broadband. It is similar to a prepaid mobile phone where you buy your credit in advance before you use it. There are no bills, no credit checks and you only need to pay for credit when you want it.

Most prepaid mobile broadband providers give you the option of download allowances that last between 30 and 60 days. Some wireless providers – like Vodafone and 3 – have prepaid options which last a full 365 days! Perfect if you don’t want to pay or use a regular amount each month – simply use it when you need to.

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