Broadband Internet and No Phone Line

by Luke on February 17, 2009

No Phone Line Rental Please!

Ditch the Landline!

People often come to me saying they need wireless broadband. In most cases it is the perfect solution for their needs – but not always. Some people think that getting wireless internet is the only way to get broadband if they want to ditch their landline.

Many Australians just don’t use their landlines enough to justify the $30 line rental charge each month. More and more of us are making all of our calls on mobile phones or using VoIP or other internet phone technology.

Naked DSL – ADSL2+ Broadband, without paying line rental.

Naked DSL is a fast ADSL2+ broadband service which runs over a copper telephone wire. But you don’t have to keep your phone line “active” – you can simply pay for broadband and drop the line rental charge. If you don’t want to connect a Telstra landline, and you only want to use the internet at home, then Naked DSL is probably a better option than wireless.

In most cases Naked DSL will deliver a more reliable, faster broadband internet connection. It’s not portable, like wireless – so keep that in mind when considering the best type of internet for you. Naked DSL is available through selected providers in enabled areas – check out the following website if you are interested in learning more about Naked DSL.

If you can’t get broadband because you connected to a Pair Gain or RIM, you won’t be able to connect Naked DSL unfortunately.

Cable Internet

Cable broadband has been around for years and it also does not require line rental. Plans start at about $49 per month with Optus and have no landline rental. Speeds are up to 20Mbps, so it’s a fast connection. Cable coverage is not as widespread as Naked DSL, but it is still available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Once again, if you only want to use the internet at home or work then Cable is a good option. Click here to visit the Optus website to learn more about their cable plans.

Wireless Internet

Wireless broadband may best suit you if you are in the following situations:

  • If you are on a Pair Gain or RIM, which do not allow ADSL or ADSL2+ to your home, then Wireless may be your only option.
  • If you rent and expect to move fairly often – Cable and Naked DSL may incur relocation costs and have contracts attached. With Wireless just take it to your new home and start using it.
  • You don’t spend hours and hours online and you don’t download that much. Something like the 1GB plan for $15 from 3 may be fine for you. It’s cheap, it’s portable and it’s convenient. Just make sure you don’t exceed your data allowance!
  • You need to use your internet everywhere, not just at home


There are other options if you don’t want to have a landline. Wireless is a great, flexible alternative for many people, Naked DSL and Cable are available too and may better suit your circumstances.

Happy connecting!

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